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Lee's Gold & Silver   (317) 791-4653
543 Turtle Creek   Indianapolis, IN 46227
Map   Hours   Website   Reviews
Michael's Jewelry   (317) 253-9505
6251 Winthrop Ave   Indianapolis, IN 46220
Map   Hours   Website   Reviews
Diamond Stamp & Coin   (317) 356-9980
3440 N Shadeland Ave   Indianapolis, IN 46226
Map   Hours   Website   Reviews
Lost Dutchman Rare Coins   (317) 545-7650
4983 N Franklin Rd   Indianapolis, IN 46226
Map   Hours   Website   Reviews
Coin Shop   (317) 291-1930
4710 W 34th St # A   Indianapolis, IN 46222
Map   Hours   Website   Reviews
Long's Jewelers   (317) 251-5664
1001 E 86th St # A   Indianapolis, IN 46240
Map   Hours   Website   Reviews
Anthony's Coin Shop   (317) 496-5581
6445 W Washington St   Indianapolis, IN 46241
Map   Hours   Website   Reviews
Engle's Coin Shop Inc   (317) 875-0617
3520 Founders Rd   Indianapolis, IN 46268
Map   Hours   Website   Reviews
Indiana Gold Refinery Inc   (317) 841-7535
5971 E 82nd St   Indianapolis, IN 46250
Map   Hours   Website   Reviews
Zebone Jewelry Co   (317) 299-7580
3847 Moller Rd   Indianapolis, IN 46254
Map   Hours   Website   Reviews

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