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Call around. You may find a wide range of offerings. Best of luck!

Press Gold Group   (651) 454-3048
1895 Lexington Ave S   St Paul, MN 55118
Map   Hours   Website   Reviews
Twin City Stamp & Coin   (651) 633-3070
877 Jefferson Ave   St Paul, MN 55102
Map   Hours   Website   Reviews
Platinum Style   (651) 340-6847
2432 University A   St Paul, MN 55114
Map   Hours   Website   Reviews
Grove Coin & Investment Co   (651) 738-8352
8306 Tamarack Vlg   St Paul, MN 55125
Map   Hours   Website   Reviews
RDA Collectibles   (651) 777-0088
6087 12th St N   St Paul, MN 55128
Map   Hours   Website   Reviews
A St Paul Coin Shop   (612) 978-9229
1145 Homer St   St Paul, MN 55116
Map   Hours   Website   Reviews
Numismatic Bureau   (651) 455-2654
1560 Livingston A   St Paul, MN 55118
Map   Hours   Website   Reviews

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