Get cash for gold in Burlington today when you sell locally.

Burlington coin dealers, jewelry stores and pawn shops buy gold and silver.

Selling coins or bullion and rounds? Coin dealers buy gold coins, gold bullion, silver coins and silver bullion.

Selling jewelery? Jewelry stores and pawn shops will buy gold jewelry and sterling silver jewelry, necklaces, ear rings, and bracelets, even dental gold and broken jewelry.

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If you are buying gold or silver work with a local coin dealer. You will get the best prices and personal service when buying gold coins, gold bullion, silver coins and silver bullion. You may find good prices at jewelers and pawn shops if you are looking to buy junk gold or junk sterling silver and not something that can be re-sold.
If you are new to the world of precious metals you may want to learn how to buy and sell gold and silver. Where you sell your gold and silver matters. Dealers all buy and sell from the same spot price but they are all different. Do your homework and make sure you get the best deal!

We found these gold & silver dealers in Burlington

  • Buy-N-Sell City   1235 Fairview St   Burlington, ON L7S2K9   (905) 633-9533
  • T J Traders   4201 No 2 Side Rd   Burlington, ON L7R3X4   (416) 361-5005
  • Tj Traders     Burlington, ON L7R3X4   (905) 331-5468

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